Rupes brings high-end polishing, dust extraction

Bigfoot polishing system

Wood working factories working on PU/polyester and epoxy finishes require a flawless finish that is almost impossible from the rotary polishing system. Italian company, Rupes Tools, is known for its Bigfoot random orbital polishing system, unique in the world of polishing.

The company manufactures the complete system consisting of three components, designed to work in combination with each other, the Bigfoot orbital polishers with dual motion: free spin (rotational) and a forced orbital motion.

Rupes demonstrated their polishing system on (PU/ polyester/ epoxy) and introduced its 21-mm random orbital LHR21 Mark III model and the Mille range of filler-free, silicon- and wax-free compounds and the microfiber and wool pads for the DA system.

Rupes also has a light weight rotary polishing system (LH19E along with new cut and finish wool pad) that creates great finishes on the painted panels.

Dust extraction

Rupes centralised dust extraction systems are cost-effective in the long term with a long list of advantages. Industry 4.0 technology has been introduced in the KR2A mobile turbine, the new KS300 - brushless dust extractor, and also in the turbines.

These dust extractors have advanced features like filter sensors, dust level indicators and a 4.3-inch display to show various parameters like filter efficiency, working hours, requirement of any preventive maintenance, etc.

The optimised system from is a central dust extraction unit, with properly managed terminals to connect the tools, dust-free sanders, help to improve production efficiency.

Turbines can be located outside the building (with adequate protection) or in a compressor room or storage room in the shop to isolate the noise completely. Side channel pumps of 2 HP to 20 HP can be connected to a single turbine to reduce the noise.

Automatic filter cleaning using a jet of centralised high-pressure compressed air (rotor jet filter cleaning system) helps direct and localise cleaning of filters and improve filter life.

Invertor system available adjusts the power in relation to how many vacuum points are opened/ closed on the suction line.

Rupes provides free consultation and its trained engineers will design the central dust extraction system along with the 3D rendering for easy installation. The installation and after-sales support are given by trained technicians from Caple Industrial Solutions.



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