Home is where the wood is!

Wood Barn India (established in 2006) brought the concept of wooden homes to India. The company erects pre-fabricated modular wooden structures that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Their simple, easy-to-assemble designs make it possible for the company to construct even in remotes area and reduce the work on-site, says Sanjay Sharma, CEO.

“To get this product in India was very difficult because people here are worried about termites and fire hazards. Fortunately, after the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, the business has been booming. We have developed 1,000 structures all over India,” he says.

“We use Canadian species of wood like SPF, Cedar, Hemlock and Douglas fir. These come from sustainably managed forests of British Columbia, Canada. Our products are eco-friendly and carbon sequestered,” Sanjay informs.

According to Sanjay, for walls Spruce is best; for cladding Hemlock is suitable; for decking yellow cedar or red cedar is apt; and for partition walls Douglas fir does the job best.

 “We have built a lot structures on terraces. Since this is dry construction, one does not have to worry about the chaos of mortar, cement and bricks. We also d not disturb the neighbours!” he signs off.



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