Flat lamination line from Turkey for transparent foils

Flat lamination application is becoming a very popular and preferred process in woodworking and furniture industry. Modern furniture making and wood-based panels are laminated with diverse laminating materials like decor foils, veneers, thermo-plastic foils, acrylic sheets and PET foils.

Such finished panels have a variety of uses like kitchen and home furniture, office furniture, exhibition displays, and so on. These materials are bonded with PUR adhesives, which are free of urea and formaldehyde.

Flat lamination with hot-melt PUR adhesive method is now becoming the accepted method for use in panel and furniture sector, especially in MDF and particle boards.

Such lamination lines are available at affordable price with European technology, and currently one of such line is under installation in India.

Aadhunik Woodworking Machinery is a local partner of Vermak (Turkey) and takes care of after sales service in the Indian market. Aadhunik has also tied up with Neoflex- Coim of Spain for quality PUR adhesives.

Vermak also offers specially designed flat lamination lines for the door industry with edge lamination, which offers higher relief to door manufacturers as they save the time of edge lamination. For more information, write to praveendhore@gmail.com.



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