Eco-friendly wood protection from Denmark

Denmark-based Protego International offers a complete range of surface treatment of interior and exterior floors, including interior and garden furniture. For the pre-treatment of floors and furniture, it offers positive, reactive stains for use in industrial plants, either with rollers or spray guns.

For final surface treatment, various products are offered, including a hard-oil wax, which is available in two variants: for industrial production and for application with floor buffing machines.

Protego Hard Oil Wax is based on pine tree natural resins especially selected for durable finishes of floors and furniture. The hard oil impregnates the wood grain and the wax leaves a protective coat on the surface. The product is available in 22 colours which may be mixed too.

For exterior decking boards and furniture, Protego offers specially developed thermo oil and decking oil. Thermo oil creates an effective membrane that lets the wood breathe while providing optimal protection.

This can only be achieved by carefully selecting raw materials, based solely on natural, highly durable resins. In addition, nano-technology is used for various additives.

The cracking and weathering caused by sunshine, wind and weather are optimally prevented. At the same time, it has built-in protection against bacteria and fungus developing in and on the surface of the wood.

The Protego product range offers extensive solutions for natural protection of wood that include:

•        Primers for bringing colour to the wood

•        Natural oils for protecting the wood

•        Natural maintenance for rejuvenating oiled wood

•        Protection of exterior wood with lasting solutions

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