RazorCut Plus is a game-changer

In furniture production, high feed rates and perfect machining results are required for sizing panels, especially when materials and the choice of laminations are constantly changing.

RazorCut Plus circular saw blade from Leitz makes it easy to cut panels in finish cut quality at high feed rates. A wide variety of panel materials and surfaces can be processed perfectly. The saw blade is particularly suitable for production lines with high part outputs due to maximum tool life.


•        Highly wear-resistant carbide tips with special cutting edge geometry

•        Smooth cutting longevity of saw blade twice the life of conventional saw blades

•        Tough saw blade body makes use of high feed rates of more than 30m/min possible

•        Processing of a wide variety of conventional and advanced panel materials

•        Special UT design of tip arrangement reduces noise up to - 4 decibel

•        Reduced resin build-up due to special anti-resin coating

•        Finish quality is excellent, even when the saw cut remains unprocessed

•        Can be re-sharpened several times.

The use of the saw blade in combination with DP scorer is recommended to further increase productivity, reduce cost per metre output and reduce downtime. For more information, check out www.leitzindia.com.



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