Canadian Wood continues to bear the torch

Canadian Wood emphasised the collaborative work it has done with wood product manufacturers across India.

Canadian Wood participated in DelhiWood with the objective of enhancing awareness about certified wood from sustainably managed forests of British Columbia, Canada.

It showcased products made using its five distinct species, highlighting their properties and uniqueness. The five distinct species are Western Hemlock, Douglas fir, Yellow cedar, Western red cedar, and SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir).

The focus was on reman applications, employing creativity, design and latest manufacturing techniques.

The products displayed at the Canadian Wood booth also emphasised the collaborative work done with other organisations in the woodworking industry including, tools, machinery, coatings and adhesives, etc. in addition to wood product manufacturers.

“I see a very bright future for wood as a construction material. Other things can deplete and take aeons to renew and recover, but wood can be replenished anywhere between 40-50 years,” said Canadian Wood Country Director, Pranesh Chhibber.

This time Canadian Wood displayed products manufactured by Bramola (Faridabad) and Artius (Gurugram) at its booth.

“We have been educating professionals in the woodworking industry through seminars, webinars, training workshops and wood colleges. We have often collaborated with private and public institutions such as the Furniture and Fittings Skill Council, to develop and enhance local skill sets while promoting sustainability in the woodworking sector,” Pranesh added.

Canadian Wood also supported a conference on Wood and Architectural Design held on 3rd March, where Pranesh spoke on ‘Wood Construction: An Opportunity for a Sustainable Future’.

Canadian wood comes as ready-to-use lumber (sawn timber) that is duly graded, seasoned and consistently sized, thereby avoiding the cumbersome waste of time, energy and money on sorting the wood upon receipt.

Canadian Wood’s competent techno-commercial staff provides handholding and technical support to manufacturers and contractors and work with designers and architects from the early stage of their projects, advising on the most appropriate species and grades. To learn more about Canadian Wood, visit



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