Versatile panel saws from Altendorf

The table length can be extended up to 5 metres.

Altendorf produces and distributes a wide range of sliding table panel saws. The saws are versatile machines that are used to cut different materials in a variety of applications.

A sampling of materials that can be cut include wood-based panels (particle board, MDF, plywood, OSB, etc.,) non-ferrous materials (aluminium, copper and related alloys and extrusions,) and composite panels (FRP, plastics, nylon, acrylic, Corian, etc.).

From entry level to state-of-the-art, the company offers models to suit specific applications, some examples are detailed below:

•  Extended table length, up to 5 metres, to cut large plastic sheets/ blocks

•  Up to 15 HP main motor power to cut sections of timber/ plastic 200 mm in thickness

•  Cooling spray, used when cutting aluminium blocks or low temperature melting plastics

• Grooving up to 19-mm width without change of shaft

•  Hand guard feature based on camera-linked AI technology to prevent accidental injury.

Altendorf sliding table saws permit use of tooling in the form of appropriate types of saw blades, diamond wheels, grooving saws, etc., to facilitate clean and accurate cutting of different materials.

By providing customised solutions for specific material cutting needs, the company is able to provide greater flexibility and versatility in their machines, ultimately improving the performance and efficiency of a customer’s operations.



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