IKEA publishes origin of its wood

IKEA has launched a map on its website that shows where the timber for its wooden products comes from. The world’s biggest furniture brand – and one of its top wood consumers – used 20 million cubic metres of wood in the 12 months until August 2022.

Poland was the biggest supplier in that period, followed by Lithuania and Sweden. Since shunning Russia and Belarus as suppliers because of the war in Ukraine, sourcing from Sweden, the Baltics, Poland and Germany has increased.

IKEA has also been buying and managing forests for future wood use, but doesn’t yet include that activity in its overall business target to be climate-positive by 2030, Ulf Johansson, Global Wood Supply and Forestry Manager, told Reuters.

IKEA promises to be “extra vigilant” about illegal logging in Romania, after environmentalists accused the furniture giant of turning a blind eye. The 2017 French documentary, ‘Wood Industry: A Business Against Nature’, is airing on Netflix in several countries. It questions the sustainability of the company’s wooden products.



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