Stanley launches Cabinetry Cult

Bengaluru-based Stanley Group, a manufacturer of premium furniture and home decor products, recently announced the launch of Cabinetry Cult, a revolutionary kitchen and cabinetry solution.

It is crafted using the perfect blend of German precision manufacturing, French carpentry techniques, Italian design sensibilities, and craftsmanship with 26 years of manufacturing expertise.

The cabinets come in a variety of styles, colours, sizes, and floor plans offering customers a range of styles and layouts for their kitchen and cabinetry needs of the entire home.

The materials used in Cabinetry Cult cabinetry are globally sourced and of the highest quality which includes marine plywood, FSI-certified timbers, wood veneers, laminates, natural stones and finishes.

The Cabinetry Cult collection offers customers a complete solution to their cabinetry needs. Customers can design their cabinetry using a narrow/ eclectic palette and also choose from four finishes, ranging from metallic to solid lacquer, and 37 shades.



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