J-2500.in (Semi Auto) Curvilinear Edge Bander

Adequate maintenance is a crucial factor for longer life and to obtain optimal working condition of the machine (J-2500.in (Semi Auto) Curvilinear Edge Bander). All the maintenance operations must be done with the machine turned off and with personnel wearing protective gloves.

All cleaning operations are to be carried out by the machine operator or by skilled technician. General cleaning ensures long life of the machine and is an important safety factor.

Use a power dust aspirator to clean the machine:

•        Tables and all cavities where there are dust and any shavings residues.

•        Weekly carefully clean all moving parts in particular the elements exposed to the dust & to the resin by using a brush or cloth with safe solvent.

•        Clean off any glue residues along the panel path, using a suitable non-hazardous detergent.

Check of safety devices

For safe usage of the machine, the safety devices should be efficient and in good working order.

Check the controls for emergency stops

Every 2 weeks carry out a test of the machine under normal operating condition. Press the emergency button on the machine.

Note: if the chain gets slack, the braking time may increase. Therefore, make sure that the chains are tightening in good condition.

Periodically check that the guards are efficient.

Please stop processing and contact the local agent immediately if any trouble is indicated by the machine..

Machine removal & storage

Disconnect the machine from the electrical and pneumatic system. After totally cleaned the machine, wipe antirust protection on it, and preventing the machine in environments.

Cleaning & Checking Schedule

Scheduled maintenance is of the utmost importance to obtain the best performance as well as safe operation of the machine.



Periodical Lubrication

Accurate lubrication ensures long life as well as optimal performance of the machine.


•        Open the top cover A (fig. 5.1).

•        Use high-temperature grease (200°c) at gear B (fig 5.2) after 12 hours of every operation.

•        Grease the glue roller chain as shown in fig.5.2

•        Grease the gears & universal joint as shown in fig.5.3

•        Long life Synthetics oil used in the gear box, and requires no lubricant change



Chain Tightening

After the first working period or after many working hours the chain tends to get slack. Carry out the following procedure:



Stop the machine; turn OFF the main switch.

Open the rear cover & check the tension of the spring A (fig. 5.4) the entire idler sprocket chain assembly was tight due to spring tension. If the chain tension is not proper, adjust spring tension by setting screw B (fig. 5.4) or replace spring.

Finally close the rear cover.

It will increase the time required to stop the glue roller. So periodically check this part is necessary. The chain tension is right if, by applying a 3 kg force in the middle of the chain, you get flexion of approx.2 mm.        





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