MumbaiWood 2017 to go international

Riding on the back of two very popular and successful regional events in 2013 and 2015, MumbaiWood 2017 is scheduled to be held from 12-14 October, 2017, at the Bombay International

Convention & Exhibition Centre, in Goregaon, Mumbai.
MumbaiWood is ramping up its efforts attract visitors from across all of Asia. It will be a unique platform for domestic and global brands to showcase furniture manufacturing and woodworking technologies, raw materials, fittings, accessories and products for wood-based industries and interior design.
For details, read the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of WoodNews.

Saw millers from Secunderabad
turn show stoppers

This is a real-life story similar to the Phoenix, the legendary bird in Greek mythology that is reborn from the ashes of its predecessor. Devastated by a fire that engulfed the entire teak stock and all equipment at the 140-year-old

Anuradha Timbers in Secunderabad, its brave-heart owners saw an opportunity to be reborn.
Check out WoodNews of Nov-Dec 2016 to read about the exemplary fight by two brothers, Mr. Sharath Babu and Mr. Kiran Kumar, to carve out a star export house, and to change the presumption worldwide that Indian saw millers are not up to international standards.



Fevicol Master Craftsman contest

Asia’s largest adhesive brand, Fevicol recently conducted the first-of-its-kind ‘Fevicol Master Craftsman’ competition, with the aim of uplifting carpentry from a mere job work to an art form in society.
Design students from across India and 15 Ahmedabad-based carpenters participated.
Organised at the National Institute of Design, Fevicol provided all participants with the necessary raw materials: wood, adhesive and polish. Each of the articles made by the woodworkers was created only using solid wood, without any nails. Watch out for more in WoodNews.

Henkel set sights on expansion

As part of its recently released strategic footprint, Henkel has made a key investment of about Rs. 220 crore for setting up the first phase of India’s largest adhesives plant in Kurkumbh, near Pune.
It has also established its largest research lab in the India, Middle East, and Africa region in Pune.
Mr. Hans Van Bylen, Chief Executive Officer of Henkel, recently presented its new strategic priorities and financial ambition, which will shape Henkel until 2020 and beyond: driving growth, accelerating digitalisation, increasing agility, and funding growth.Henkel will increase its investments and raise capital expenditures from around 2 billion Euros in the period 2013 to 2016, to 3 billion Euros over the period 2017 to 2020.





Plant-based, new-age material

Bio-based thermoplastic composites are gaining increasing importance as there has been a dramatic increase of interest in using them as fillers in organic and inorganic composites because of
their bio-degradable, renewable and environment-friendly nature.
Blending of polymers with fillers is a powerful way to produce newer materials with a desirable combination of properties unavailable with a single component. For details, read the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of

For details, read the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of WoodNews


Breakthrough in de-wetting surfaces

How would you like a kitchen surface that cleans itself? Technological advances such as this could be one step closer after a breakthrough by British researchers, who have made the first ever direct observation of the elusive de-wetting process.
Wetting and de-wetting are both fundamental modes of motion of liquids on solid surfaces. They are critically important for processes in biology, chemistry, and engineering, such as drying, coating, and lubrication. Details of the research findings appear in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of WoodNews.


Sliding table saw from Joway

The 30-year-old Joway Machinery Co. Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of woodworking machinery, with rich experience in manufacturing the sliding table saws that allow the cutting and sizing of panels.
The P-32 sliding table saw enables the user to work on kitchen cabinets, book shelves, coffee tables and even beds. It has four different models, based on cutting lengths. Check them out in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of WoodNews.

Kleiberit 'zero-glue-line' possible

When it comes to bonding, polyurethane hot-melt adhesives are hard to beat. With “zero” or “invisible glue line” becoming a buzz phrase in the woodworking industry, this seamless look is more achievable than ever.
Processors that have changed to PUR hot-melts definitely have the advantage.Read more in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of WoodNews.

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