IndiaWood 2018 a phenomenon in woodworking

Celebrating its 10th edition in Bengaluru (8-12 March, 2018), IndiaWood continues to exemplify the energy and technology that drives the woodworking industry in the Indian sub-continent and beyond.This year’s show brought the highest attendance and participation,

proving that the Indian woodworking industry is resilient and poised for great transformation in the coming years.
Held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (12-18 March), it featured 867 exhibiting companies (a 40% increase from the 2016 edition)to a sold out show floor of 54,000square metres,along with more than63,500 visitors, representing a 25% increase over the 2016 edition. IndiaWood2018 attracted more than 100 new companies and brands, in addition to industry leaders.
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Ligna 2019 has its mandate clear

The organisers of Ligna 2019 (in Hannover, 27-31 May) have made their focus clear: Integrated woodworking and customised solutions, and smart surface technologies. Ligna is the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking industry. The major trends of digitisation, integration and

automation will remain high on the agenda. The focus will be on new wood-industry applications for smart technologies, new developments and customised solutions for intelligent production across all areas of the wood value chain. The displays will span augmented reality, virtual reality, digitisation, customer-specific tailoring and safety – along with the growing pressure to deliver precision, flexibility and fast throughput. Surface technology (painting, coating and finishing) has been steadily expanding its presence at Ligna, with a strong growth on the back of mounting customer demand for product individualisation.
The organisers are planning to highlight and expand this topic at Ligna 2019, focusing in particular on adhesives, liquid coatings and lacquers and digital printing. Issues of importance to the industry will again be explored in depth at the Wood Industry Summit, which in 2019 is running under the byline‘Access to Resources and Technology’.

Dovetail Furniture is a ‘joint’ journey

A meeting with Mr. John Mathew and Mr. S. Sundar, partners in the Bengaluru-based furniture design and manufacturing business that has strived for more than three decades, thrived in its chosen niche, and is now raring to expand. A strategic partnership is based

on a shared set of values. Nothing exemplifies this as well as the joint venture that John and Sundar have been running for 30-odd years now, and earning quite a good business reputation in the industry.
The NID alumni have together designed and furnished hundreds of retail stores and malls, made furniture for a hundred more schools and institutions, and are set to crack the home and lifestyle segment.
Dovetail Furniture is now open to strategic investments for its growth.
It is looking for investors (Indian or foreign) to take forward the expansion.
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Timber Forum: Writing poetry in wood

To create a platform for all timber users, WoodNews organized the first ‘Timber Forum’ on 10 March, alongside IndiaWood 2018 in Bengaluru.
The aim was to get all stakeholders – suppliers, processors and consumers alike – to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the use of timber, tree

species and their properties, as well as functional and aesthetic usage in different segments. Mr. N. Mahesh, an award-winning architect from Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) who has more than four decades’ experience in practice and academics, dwelt on ‘Versatility of Timber’ as the Keynote Speaker.
The event recordedan audience of more than 200 participants: architects and interior designers, furniture manufacturers and timber traders, teaching faculty from prominent institutes and other woodworking professionals.
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Wood-Mizer adds MoreTensplaners

Wood-Mizer has acquired the 38-year-old Swedish company, MoreTens AB, placing a full range of popular 4-sided moulders, planers, table saws, spindle moulders, planers and thicknessers and CNC routers into its range.

The newly acquired factory in Sweden marks the Wood-Mizer’s fifth manufacturing plant globally, that includes three facilities in the US and one in Poland.Beginning March 2018, Wood-Mizer will offer the new range of moulders/planers through their distribution network.
The latest acquisition builds its position as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of narrow band sawmills, now offering a full range of equipment that can seamlessly convert logs into dried lumber and finally into finished wood products.
The machines are built to last with heavy duty cast-iron, tables, durable sheet steel chassis, and premium quality components to minimize maintenance requirements.
Parts and service are available through the company’s worldwide distribution network.
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Wood from Finland enters Indian market

Finland, with 26.3 million hectares of forest area, is one of the world's most wooded countries and the most wooded country in Europe:71.6% of Finland's area is forest,and contains 10 times as much forest per person as any other part of Europe.

Two-thirds of Finland's surface area is forest and 97% of the trees are pine, spruce or birch, of which half are pine forests. About 30 different species of trees grow in the country. Most Finnish forests are mixed forests, meaning that more than one species of trees grow in them.
Finland has been practising sustainable forest management for a long time and use practices that are ecologically, socially, economically and culturally sustainable andall the timber that originates from the country is FSC certified.
The ‘Wood from Finland’ programme run by the government has seen an upsurge in demand from emerging markets like India, which will be thrust area in the coming years.
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Kebony: the new wonder technology!

By polymerising the wood’s cell wall, softwoods permanently take on the attributes of tropical hardwood. This has been demonstrated and industrially manufactured by the Norwegian wood producer, Kebony.

The Recreational Pier of Washington’s (US) newly redeveloped waterfront, dubbed ‘The Wharf’, has been constructed using a combination of sustainable building materials, unique landscape design and unconventional carpentry.
In total over 1,00,000 square feet of Kebony was used at The Wharf, making this the largest installation of Kebony in North America.
The patented Kebonytechnology,chosen due to its hard-wearing properties is an environmentally friendly process, which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the wood with a bio-based liquid.
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‘Shrink-wrap' technology protects against storms

An Australian inventor has designed StormSeal, a storm recovery system that heat 'shrink wraps' damaged roofs or walls in a patented wind and rain resistant polyethylene film, protecting buildings from damage until permanent repairs are made.

StormSeal is designed to replace flapping, leaking, flyaway tarpaulins that usually require multiple reattachments using ropes and sandbags, allowing more damage to occur if storms or bad weather continue.
The product is a major benefit for insurers, insurance builders, emergency responders, property owners and residents.
Unlike tarpaulins, the weather-proof Stormseal stays put for up to a year, preventing further property damage, significantly reducing expenses for insurers and minimising stress on householders. The system has been tested and found to be cheaper and easier to install.
The low-density patented polyethylene film is cut and fitted at the worksite with the heat 'shrink wrapping' technique changing the chemical structure of the film, enhancing its strength.
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