Virtual events not a permanent fix

Overall the year 2020 has been a good year for strategising business. We have, in fact, maintained the original growth curve since August 2020. We have also seen a positive impact on brand presence with minimum marketing spend.

The markets were a bit unpredictable for a few months; but now the outlook is positive on getting business going with leading local branding and without the need to travel.

Architects, designers and customers who used to travel abroad for interior needs will continue to hunt for reputed local manufactures or suppliers to tie-up with.

They are also looking at moving away from site work and more modular fit-out solutions.

We were sponsors in the FOIAD virtual event held in December 2020. It was very well organised and they put in a lot of effort to meet our expectations. However, virtual events will not be a permanent solution – they have their limitations.

We would always prefer face-to-face interactions and events even within India. IndiaWood has been an important event where we use it as the platform for new announcements on products or strategy. We get to meet our woodworking and dealer network at these events.

I don’t think it is time for a woodworking show in 2021. The situation (Covid-19 pandemic) needs to get back to 90% normalcy for it to be successful. Meanwhile, we are aggressive on digital presence and it has worked out very well for us.

We are working on our online conversational skills and connecting them to local stores to match their requirements. All marketing aids are being generated to ensure ease of ordering or understanding of products.



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