Work from home is a business opportunity

The global disruption of life and business on account of the Covid-19 pandemic spared none. However, after lockdown, all our customers have taken extraordinary efforts to spring back and are trying to reach pre-pandemic levels in a short time.

We see opportunities for a growing market in a post-Covid scenario. ‘Work from home’ as a concept seems to have come to stay. This necessitates more privacy at home. Most doors do not provide adequate sound and vision privacy for focussed and undivided attention while working or video and teleconferencing.

We are working on further transforming the market to focus on performance-driven door sets. This will be driven by showcasing them in the experience centres of our customers, to provide the touch and feel of this new concept.

We participated in ‘Virtual Indonesia Woodshow 2020’ as an exhibitor in December last year.

We got a mixed response in our maiden participation in a virtual trade show. Digital exhibitions have no geographical boundaries; but we also had visitors from non-focussed market areas.

In my opinion, face-to-face interactions cannot be substituted by virtual ones. That is why it is very important for us to connect with our customers during IndiaWood and discuss more avenues to grow together.

In 2021, our preference would be for a virtual trade exhibition for the woodworking sector. Most visitors are still not comfortable with the levels of exposure in physical public events. We had several visitor cancellations even ahead of IndiaWood 2020.

Hopefully, a significant population would be vaccinated by the end of this year to raise trust and comfort levels for a trade show from 2022 onwards.

In the meantime, we are connecting via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.



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