Virtual events are a temporary necessity

What an incredible year for the business! The start, as expected, was sluggish. Orders began picking up from the second quarter of 2020-21. But the third quarter was witness to disruptions in the import supply chain and shooting cost of raw materials.

This led to a massive increase in input prices as well as temporary disruptions. However, our customers have accepted the hike.

Having said this, investments by the government at the grass-roots level and in infrastructure will have a positive cascading effect on the economy and our industry. Thus, we are extremely bullish about the future.

The furniture industry is being looked at seriously by policymakers. The focus of the government to make India a destination of choice for manufacturing is extremely good. There might be some hiccups in execution, but we are on a strong growth trajectory.


We don’t know when the Covid-19 threat will recede. So a ‘post-Covid’ scenario will not be a simple cut-off on the calendar. People will, and have, accepted Covid as a reality that is here to stay awhile.

For us, IndiaWood and DelhiWood play a critical role in creating awareness about our company and products. We have never missed an edition of these shows as an exhibitor since we started.

Virtual meetings (and some online ‘exhibitions’) are a necessity in the absence of options. Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions between the seller and buyer. Once free travel resumes, in-person meetings and interactions will increase.

Our industry is such that a ‘touch and feel’ is required to understand a product’s features and quality. But the situation in 2021 is still very uncertain for a trade show. Unless the threat of easy infection recedes, and until travel resumes freely within the country and outside it, it is difficult to predict how a show this year would turn out.



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