Time for caution, consolidation

The six weeks’ loss (March-April and again in May 2020) can never be made up. However, the last three months have shown very good recovery. Products used in the home have started to move fast, whereas office products have slowed down considerably.

We have latched on to virtual/online training for in-house staff and sales. In the absence of promotional trade shows, Ebco has invested in branding on television and digital and print advertising.

Shows such as IndiaWood and DelhiWood are a necessary part of our marketing strategy. They should continue to be organised once a year. However, this year, considering the circumstances, unless normalcy is achieved with widespread vaccination against Covid-19, I would not take risks with participation.

It is a time of adequate public caution and business consolidation. It is also time for product research and development. We have been doing exactly that in the past months.

Whenever these trade shows are organised next, you can be sure to find several new products from Ebco!



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