On the cusp of digital transformation

The year 2020 has been challenging, but at the same time interesting for our business. We have seen a new trend altogether which has brought about a positive change, not only in the business but also overall as an industry.

In order to emerge from a crisis, two critical elements are required: courage and innovation. As an organisation we are very optimistic and believe that the post-Covid 19 scenario will be a transitory period, leading to innovation in the coming months.

During trade shows like IndiaWood or DelhiWood, our objective is to reach out to entrepreneurs and provide them solutions, which would help them produce top quality products.

Communications in marketing activities during such shows definitely captures the attention of our target audience, which is reinforced by exceptional product presentations and our connect during the shows.

We believe that the existing trade shows, especially IndiaWood, have performed really well and helped exhibitors present their brands and the visitors discover the perfect solution for their businesses.

The Felder Group started its digital transformation during Ligna 2019 and has implemented several initiatives that have helped us connect with our customers on various platforms digitally.

We now plan to take this digital transformation journey to the next level with innovative methods, which the industry and the market will soon witness and be a beneficiary of in the coming months.

We are strong advocates of the concept of co-existing and hence our ideas are expansive in terms of their application. We are now working in the direction be a major contributor to the woodworking industry as a whole by taking up projects in the avenues of training and development of the various stakeholders of the industry.

The idea is clear: provide right information to the stakeholders of the industry in a structured way to enhance the efficiency and productivity leading to the growth and development of all.



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