Mechanisation finding its feet

The year 2020 was overall good because of the smart recovery in business and manufacturing in the last few months. There are positive sentiments in the market regarding investments, which will have a good outcome this year.

We notice some changes in customer behaviour. There is a propensity to replace manual labour (where possible) with mechanised solutions. This is being done to make up for the scarcity of labour and skill sets, which results in longer lead times on projects.

Going forward, our customer or customer’s customer will prefer machine manufacturing processes rather than manual jobs because of better quality in the former.

In India, we would definitely prefer traditional trade shows over virtual ones because the former gives us a better understanding of a prospect’s requirements,  resources and expectations.

Unless we demonstrate the actual working of our machines to customers it will be difficult for the latter to understand the features or performance of machines.

IndiaWood and DelhiWood play a very major role in showcasing our products and solutions or new market launches in front of  a large pool of customers across India, which no other show can provide.

Given current developments, we feel that it is possible to have a smaller trade show in 2021, before the next edition of IndiaWood. Of course, the organiser of any such show must ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors alike.

What can visitors to such a show expect from your business?

As we are in process of continuous technological improvements, we are planning to launch new models in different product segments this year. We will organise open house, seminars and roadshows across different cities in association with local partners for effective customer connect.



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