Operations on ‘remote’ for time being

It has been a very difficult year, like for most other companies; but we were able to recover somewhat in the last quarter of 2020 due to the festival period which saw strong, possibly bottled up, demand from the market.

We are expecting 2021 to be another difficult year with difficult trading conditions. Right now we continue to operate largely remote, like we did in 2020.

To be honest I am not a big fan of virtual exhibitions. But it is the best one can do under the circumstances. A virtual show can never replace the ‘touch and feel’ which one has at a physical exhibition. Virtual shows cannot relay the same level of customer contact.

IndiaWood has always been a very important platform to communicate our latest products and services offering to the manufacturing and architects target groups. This will also be the case in future.

Once we are through the Covid-19 pandemic, we would definitely want to return to the anchor exhibitions. They are important for us to connect with our customers. This year may be too early to do that safely, but hopefully, at the beginning of 2022, this will be the case.

Going online

Meanwhile, we have shifted a lot of our marketing activities online, where we have a better chance of being noticed. In addition, we have been offering our customers a lot of learning opportunities, which will continue also this year.

Going online has tremendously increased our market penetration and customer reach. To improve this online experience we are producing a lot of visual content which gives our customers a better experience.

In April we will also present our virtual Interzum exhibition which, despite being virtual, will give our customers a good overview of our new and innovative products.

Overall our customers need to be offered quality products by good brands which can also provide an outstanding service. Hafele is well-positioned to do that through digitalisation, continuous training and keeping the culture of the company intact.



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