Demand soaring, but quality is sacrosanct

Barring the first quarter of the ear 2020, the remaining months have been very encouraging, In fact, October onwards our sales increased to more than the pre-Covid levels!

Most of this demand is driven by the modular furniture industry. We see a shift from the labour-intensive carpentry segment to factory-made and ready-to-assemble furniture.

This means a greater use of pre-finished panels, less human contact and faster processing time. Customers who until recently travelled to China and Europe to buy furniture are now shifting to custom-made orders within India.

Manufacturers and suppliers of boards and panels, who offer the same quality of materials and finishes as European producers, will stand to gain the most from the shift of demand.

Traditional exhibitions give exhibitors the advantage of interactive experiences with customers and prospects. A virtual exhibition will lack the ‘human touch’. But keeping in mind the current situation and restrictions, we believe that 2021 is not the year for a trade show.

IndiaWood is very important in our marketing calendar. Our activities seek to create the sensation of excitement about new product development. It also helps us to reach untapped markets and makes the target consumer aware of our product availability in his/her region.

The challenge is currently to dig wider; so as a strategy we are digging deeper to keep our consumers happy by offering them a larger portfolio of products. So there is an enhanced presence on social media platforms to help us stay connected.



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