Let’s count 2021 as ‘no show’ year

The year 2020 was like a roller-coaster ride! In the first quarter, customers were in a positive frame of mind. For Jai Industries IndiaWood-2020 was a great success.

But we could not reap its benefits on account of the sudden and prolonged lock-down, enforced to check the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even after restrictions were eased, there were still many ‘containment zones’ and a sudden scarcity of manpower.

So, it wasn’t until July that furniture factories resumed full production.

But once the Indian business community overcame the setback, demand soared for almost all items of furniture production – it was as if we all wanted to make up for the losses on account of the disruption in the remaining months of the year!

In the on-going pandemic we are following all precautions. We have restricted our sales staff’s personal interactions with customers – they use the phone and digital communication instead.

Trade shows

No, Jai Industries has not participated in any virtual trade show so far. Our traditional physical shows not only offer a platform to showcase our products, but give us opportunities to meet our old and new customers.

In a face-to-face situation there is a lot of give-and-take of ideas and views, which enables technical innovation and results in problem-solving for customers.

For Jai Industries, IndiaWood and DelhiWood are important trade shows to participate. Our existing and potential customers eagerly look forward to these shows for new products.

In fact, these shows also give the entire team from Jai Industries a chance to interact with furniture manufacturers and material and component suppliers!

I think we will have to be content with 2021 being a ‘no show’, given the unpredictable nature of Covid-19 infections. Even with easing of standard operating procedures for public events, we cannot be sure how many visitors will take the risk to visit an exhibition.

I am betting that with vaccination underway across India, the year 2022 will be safer, and I look forward to IndiaWood in the same year!



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