Functionality with convenience and class

The Kinvaro F-20 is an intuitive two-fold lifting system, and is friendly and accessible for people of any height.

Pune-based Utturkar’s Wood Culture has been a full-fledged solutions provider for the furniture industry for 25 years, combining knowledge of master carpentry and architecture. In the kitchen space the company has some fabulous solutions.

The Kinvaro F-20 is a perfect movement fitting for overhead cabinets, which creates an equal division of doors of overhead cabinets with a horizontal line, instead of needing to keep it as a single, large, bulky fascia.

This intuitive two-fold lifting system actually makes access to the insides of the cabinets much easier. Some customer delighting aspects include: the opening flap stays wherever the user stops it, making it friendly and accessible for people of any height.

Complete safety for the user – even if fingers get stuck in the dividing line, both, the fingers and the mechanism remain unharmed.

Its spring-assisted opening and integrated damping functionality allows it to be used with any kind of door material, heavy or light, and is fuss-free in fitting.

And of course, there is the soft close, which swishes back into position noiselessly, no matter how heavy the flaps are.

This fitting can support a fascia height from 520 mm to 900 mm, and weight from 4.6 kg to 18 kg. All these features make the Kinvaro F-20 a coveted solution for overhead cabinets.

The Linear Pantry is an efficient larder for all the storage needs in a kitchen. It is a tall multi-shelf unit with a door, in titanium finish, equipped with anti-bacterial surfaces that can be cleaned very easily.

The Linear Pantry shelves slide out when the door is opened, making the contents inside accessible from the front and the sides. A piece that is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and effortlessly catering to storage requirements of the customer, the Linear Pantry is a must-have for kitchens.

The Scala drawer systems are traditional, yet progressive and modern, blending into the modular mould seamlessly. The opening and closing is soft and the finish is pleasing.

They can be fitted with handles, or can be used handle-free with the Tipmatic fitting. The overall effect of the side frames can be enhanced by using glass or wood in varied heights, each in its own way adding to the aesthetic value of the drawer and the utility.

Utturkar’s now has a product and knowledge base offering over 3,500 functional fittings. Kitchens that emerge from the Utturkar portfolio are bound to be distinguishably appealing, and convenient and friendly for users. Utturkar’s supplies to OEMs such as Spacewood, Alsorg, Magppie and Interwood, among others.

Utturkar’s also offers design, planning, software, specifications, production and hardware, project execution and implementation services, to extend to their customers an incomparable benefit.

Utturkar’s works with PalleteCAD, which does end-to-end visioning for the customer, right from virtual reality, 3D rendering, planning, optimising up to being the manufacturing interface – which is a dream come true for B2B customers. (



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