Flexi-Box helps save 40% space

Rakshan Home Styles, an ISO 9001:2015 company, manufactures modular kitchen accessories under the brand name ‘Peacock Revera’. The company is engaged in producing modular kitchen accessories and hardware for home and kitchen with an aim to organise the lives of people.

An Indian household has also gone through a huge shift in mindset, space utilisation and time-share pattern. Rakshan is introducing a new basket in which there is space optimisation of up to 40% compared to traditional kitchen baskets.

This basket is the Flexi-Box basket, being introduced under the brand name ‘Toughler’. Flexi-Box baskets have been introduced to solve size issue with their extendable properties, with new and sturdy look, innovative design and colours, and easy installation and quick removal for cleaning.

These baskets can be fitted in Tandem, Quadro and wooden base. Flexi-Box baskets are made of 100% stainless steel and come with a 6-year warranty. (http://www.peacockrevera.in/)



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