ICA helps nourish body and soul

Euromobil Kitchens (from Grouppo Euromobil of Italy) has been focusing on this special area of the house, carrying out studies and research projects.  It designs kitchens with a story to tell and a vibe to experience, both of which are completely respectful of the large house we live in: Mother Earth.

That is why Euromobil chose to employ ICA Group’s water-based coatings for its furnishings. Euromobil was a small artisan firm with big ambitions 50 years ago.

Its design principles are the search for beauty, a timeless design, painstaking attention to detail, respect for the environment and innovative production systems.

That is how kitchens can improve the quality of time and space intended for them, as well as remain respectful of the environment. To achieve these goals, Euromobil has never stopped researching, improving and innovating.

In the middle of this innovation journey Euromobil and ICA Group crossed paths. Euromobil was looking for a super matte, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint finishes, to renew two of its iconic kitchen models: Antis and Lain.

The group was searching for top quality, low environmental impact, high resistance materials and finishes – high resistance is an essential requirement for kitchens – and found all these properties in ICA’s coatings.

The S-Matt coatings give an ultra matt effect, and are anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and self-healing. Also, being water-based, they have very low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Iridea water-based coatings have a very low VOC content (3%), and ensure excellent aesthetic and qualitative results.

Thus Euromobil is able to revive the original kitchen atmosphere concept, of décor capable of creating a real atmosphere that welcomes people and nourishes their body and soul.



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