Häfele offers intelligent kitchen solutions

Häfele’s plug-and-play Qanto is a pre-assembled corner solution with two versatile trays.

Requirements regarding kitchens have changed enormously in recent years. Exacting design standards are now every bit as important as outstanding functionality.

It is precisely due to these customer requirements that Häfele’s plug-and-play corner solution, Qanto, hits the mark. The pre-assembled corner solution comes with two versatile trays that can be extracted and retracted vertically by a linear drive, at the press of a button.

Just one press on the integrated switch is all it takes for the Qanto trays to rise up. Reaching stored items in the kitchen has never been as easy.

The top tray that seals the gap when fully retracted can be fitted with a wooden board or can accommodate a “little urban garden” for fresh herbs. The tray below it offers further organisational space and storage for electrical appliances, or for wine and spices.

The trays are crafted from high-quality, easy-to-clean ABS with a polished crystal glass finish and are completely illuminated by LED light fixtures integrated beneath the top tray.

Utilising unreachable space in the corner to its optimum effect, Qanto proves to be an intelligent corner solution which combines maximum operating comfort, generous work surfaces, well organised storage space, ergonomic qualities and the highest technical and design standards into a perfect symbiosis.

Blum Legrabox

Blum’s attractive full extension box system, exclusively distributed by Häfele, have impressively slim drawer profile thickness (12.8 mm), making it the thinnest double wall box-side available in the Indian market.

It is straight on the inside and the outside which helps maximise the usable interior space of the drawer and is available in four luxurious finishes: anti-fingerprint stainless steel, Terra black matt, Orion grey matt and Silk white matt, all of which give it a distinct look and feel.

The Legrabox pure programme consists of three drawer side heights for standard drawers and two drawer side heights for inner pull-outs. The versatile system allows for a wide range of design options for any kitchen, bath or furniture application, whether used with standard drawers, high-fronted drawers or inner drawers.

BePure faucet

Whether it is drinking water, washing tableware, cleaning fruits and vegetables or even sanitising food packages, the sink area is always teeming with people performing various activities in and around it.

It is in essence a focal area of the kitchen where events of the day commence and culminate. There is hence an unsaid expectation that solutions catering to the sink centre of the kitchen deliver efficiency and functionality without compromising on its aesthetics and quality.

The BePure kitchen faucet by Häfele, with its clean sinuous profile, effortless operation, stylish sophistication and versatile colour options, pairs perfectly with kitchen sinks. Manufactured in Italy, this faucet adheres to European standards and demonstrates the highest form of quality and refined design.

The perfect splash-free water flow and quiet operation of this faucet makes working with it seamless. The water sense technology integrated within the faucet helps save 20% more water compared to similar faucets in the market.

It also comes with a separate outlet for drinking water, which is supplied through copper pipes, providing users with healthy and safe water absolutely fit for consumption.

The BePure faucet is now available in the new Anthracite, Rock Grey, Coffee and Alumetalic finishes, in addition to the Brushed and Polished Chrome finishes introduced earlier.

Blanco sinks

Your customers can match the new BePure faucet colours with similar finishes from Hafele’s range of Blanco sinks, to achieve a classy monotone trend in the kitchen.

Blanco kitchen sinks and faucets help attain the highest level of disinfection, preventing germ growth on their surfaces owing to the unique built-in ‘Hhygiene+’ property of their Silgranittm PuraDur surface.

This patented hygiene protection formula acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria, reducing bacterial growth by 98%!

The new Tartufo finish of the Blanco sinks and faucets brings the utmost elegance to kitchens and interiors through its golden-brown blend. There are multiple configurations available based on size and utilities.

The faucets from this range are made of brass, are sturdy and durable, and can rotate within a 360˚ angle for comfortable usage.

Touch bins

Waste bins are not only an integral part of kitchens and are constant companions during cooking and prepping, cleaning and re-organising, eating and snacking.

The BO Touch bin by Häfele offers numerous features and functionalities, all packed in a beautiful steel exterior. The bin fits perfectly against any wall space, and allows adjustment of height as per user’s comfort and use.

The soft-touch opening and closing mechanism of the BO bin facilitates easy and silent operation. With the slightest push, the lid opens completely and stays in that position until the user chooses to close it back after completing chores.

The outer steel body of the bin encloses two inner plastic buckets with capacities of 11 litres and 23 litres, enabling effective waste separation and disposal.



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