Eurodekor MFCs from Egger

Furniture, made of one piece or with accentuated designs, can be created by matching the decorative board and edging in terms of colour, texture and degree of gloss. The large selection of edges in the Egger Decorative Collection offers solutions for all design wishes.

Whether for fronts, shelves, wardrobes or wall claddings, Eurodekor melamine-faced chipboards (MFCs) are the optimal product solution for furniture and interior design projects. It consists of raw chipboard coated on both sides with melamine resin-impregnated decorative paper.

The pre-fabricated panels can be easily cut and edge-banded, saving time and money. They offer a quality, high-performance solution that meets the aesthetic demands of contemporary design.

Surface decors and textures can be ideally matched across Egger’s product ranges, including edge banding and laminates.

Eurodekor chipboards reproduce the look and feel of realistic wood grain, stone or material designs. MFC panels deliver enhanced performance benefits and characteristics, and are appropriate for residential, healthcare, hospitality, retail and other commercial settings.

Eurodekor MFCs are ideal for both horizontal and vertical applications in cabinets, closet systems, office furniture, store fixtures and architectural wall paneling.

It has optimal surface properties for durable applications (resistant to abrasion and scratches, light-fast and food-safe), environment-friendly and recyclable, and ready to use immediately – no oiling, staining or other protective measures.

Egger’s large selection of 3,000-plus edge bands offers solutions for all design requirements, be it matching the decor or create exciting contrasts.

The edged surfaces are sealed to be scratch-resistant with UV-hardened synthetic resin varnishes and have high mechanical abrasion resistance. ABS edges on the back are coated with a universal adhesion promoter to ensure perfect adhesion of the edge to the core material with commercially available hot-melt adhesives. (



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