Krutik Mistry named Director, Felder-India

Felder, the leader in solid wood and panel processing machinery, has named Mr Krutik Mistry as Director of Felder Group India.

The manufacturer of saws, high-end edge banders, multi-boring machines, planer-thicknessers, spindle moulders, CNC machining centres and robotic solutions said the leadership change and enhanced vision was in keeping with the dynamic changes of the business environment and challenging situations.

The group has also made several improvements, both physical and in its IT infrastructure, in order to keep up with the dynamics and evolving needs of its customers.

Mistry said, “We in Felder Group have been trendsetters for generations globally. This legacy is carried forward to our team here in India. Our products are best suited for the Indian market and customers. Product quality and reliability, along with training and development, will continue to be our prime focus.”

This focus helps Felder’s customers make the right decision through product knowledge, deep understand of the production process, and the resulting advantages while investing in a Felder machine, he added.

Mr. Arthur Lux, Regional Director (America, Asia and Oceania), who has been a part of the Felder Group for 23 years and has been actively involved in the development of the Indian market, said: “While our team in India is striving towards making your experience with us exceptional, we in Austria are working constantly in the direction of developing products that are relevant to the Indian market.”

“Our new leadership, constant focus on training and development, engaging customers with relevant machines and woodworking technology, is now all set to take the next big leap in the direction of growth,” Lux added.



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