Perfect edge banding finish: 4 essentials

By Rajaram Joshi

An automatic edge banding machine is a combination of various units and every unit plays a very important role to give the desired finish. We would like to drive your attention to the most important and essential maintenance activities that would help you increase the volume of the production, improve the quality of output and life of the machine.

Calibrated panels

The selection of raw material is also a critical aspect of the kind of finishing that you get on an edge bander. The panels that you use should have no variation or should be within the tolerance levels.

Manufacturers should focus on procuring calibrated panels or have an in-house mechanism for the calibration process before laminating these panels with veneers or laminates.

Maintained gluepot

The gluepot of an edge bander is the most tricky component of the edge banding machine. Keeping it well maintained not only gives you a great quality finish but also ensures that you save on many operating costs. Some important things to remember are:

•         Do not fill up the glue pot entirely. Always ensure a level of 300-400 gm at a time. This step will ensure that the original colour of the glue remains intact;

•         Clean the gluepot, including the glue roller, after every 72 working hours with a special cleaning agent;

•         Always refer to the temperature data sheet provided by your glue supplier and set your machine gluepot temperature accordingly;

•         Set up the right amount of glue on the roller/ applicator in order to ensure an optimal glue line between the edge and the panel.

Dust extraction

Additionally, ask your edge banding machine manufacturer or a dust extraction specialist to recommend you the right specifications of dust extraction system. Selecting the right dust extraction system improves the life of the machine.

Keeping your machine components free of dust or wood chips results in smooth functioning and hence gives you the right shiny finish without waves on radius/ flush on the edge material. It also reduces issues related to gluepot.

Compressed air

The compressed air supplied to the machine should be completely moisture-free to ensure that all the pneumatic functions of the machine are well maintained and have a better life.

We recommend use of air dryer from day one of machine usage because this prevents moisture from entering in the pneumatic system, thereby preventing any malfunctioning in future.

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– The writer is Service Director for Felder Group India. He has been associated with the woodworking industry for more than two decades and holds expertise in every category of woodworking machines, training and development and providing perfect solutions for every segment of woodworking workshops.



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