20% cost-cutting with Leitz‘s new ProfilCut

At Ligna this year Leitz presented the youngest member of its successful ProfilCut family. With the new, resharpenable ProfilCut Q Plus system, Leitz experts are closing an absolute market gap and enabling companies to reduce their machining costs by up to 20%.

The new system is available in the basic version as ProfilCut Q Plus. For companies with high production volumes, the Premium version is available, especially for high-speed machining.

If you want to produce profiles in window, door or strip production in the shortest possible time and at minimum processing costs, you have to optimise your processes in order to achieve maximum economic success in the end. Highly developed and extremely efficient production plants are the rule in such scenarios on the manufacturer side.

However, it is rarely the machine alone that is responsible for processing the material and adhering to the quality specifications. Ultimately, it is the tool system used that must fully meet the machine performance and high quality requirements in order to achieve the perfect result.

The new ProfilCut Q Plus is particularly efficient in terms of direct tooling costs. With six performance times per profle knife, the tool system contributes to cost reductions of up to 20%.

The new system also proves its efficiency in that its ease of operation above all saves time. The low setting times, for example, can be explained above all by the automatic knife positioning. The knife change can also be carried out in the assembled tool set, which also shortens set-up times.

In combination with a constant diameter and profile after the sharpening process and the reduction of the scrap and rework rate, considerable savings are possible.

The new system makes the ProfilCut Q system series a true universal miracle for all types of profile processing in solid wood, wood derived materials and plastics. The tools from the Leitz range are combined according to requirements and applications in order to provide the most efficient solution for the user.

The Leitz Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of tools for industrial processing of wood, wood derived materials, plastics, compound materials and non-ferrous metals.



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