Imos expands digital range of functions

iX Net makes easy planning on the tablet a reality.

Imos AG has achieved its goal of networking suppliers, manufacturers and end customers. The ecosystem iX Interio reduces the communication and transaction processes between the individual business areas and locations.

iX Interio is the result of developing autonomous software applications to integrated solutions that fulfill the requirements of digitalization.

In addition to the development of functions, developers have been focusing the constructive combination of technologies. Web-based sales solutions communicate directly at the data level with CAD-based design applications and vice versa. Different applications communicate via web services and allow different editing options for the work results.

The web-based application iX NET has been extended by numerous functions. Planning speed, usability and interoperability were at the top of the list of requirements. The photo-realistic presentation of the planning results was improved using new material, lighting and rendering techniques.

The 3D planning results can also be uploaded into social networks at any time and viewed interactively by anyone. Room creation in iX Plan has also gained in design comfort.

All movable furniture components such as doors, flaps and drawers can be opened and closed as in the real world and shows both the interior of the furniture and the kinematics of the components in animated form.

VR is now not only a presentation tool for finished planning results but can also be used in the design phase in direct dialogue with the customer. This can be done either together in the showroom or online at separate locations. Planning results from iX Plan, iX CAD or iX Net can be shared directly via VR and experienced virtually.

There are also new features in iX CAM. Special milling strategies for solid wood processing have been developed and the display on the component label has been improved.  The control of the edge banding unit on CNC machines has been completely revised so that these machines can be supplied with the necessary data much more comfortably.

An adequate tool, embedded in the iX Organizer, allows the recording of desired building structures such as floor, area, room or workplace. The individual iX CAD planning and part orders can be assigned to this structure.



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