Innovation never stops at Giardina

The Exzcimer industrial oven (Top) and Giardina’s Dualtech 501 drier (Bottom).

Giardina Group is one of the very first pioneers of Excimer technology-a process in which they have been doing research for several years. The company demonstrated this technology that is being used at many of the world’s leading paint manufacturers, at Ligna.

Two roller machines – one for finishes with grammage up to 5/7 gm per square metre and the other that can reach 20-30 gm per square metre. The panels painted are mattified with ‘Gst Zero Gloss’ in an Excimer oven and finally reticulated with ‘Gst UV’ technology, a brand-new solution for the mattifying of 3D spray-painted surfaces using UV radiation, for different finishes.

In recent years, matte finishes make the final result sensitive to scratches, abrasion and impacts. Excimer technology solves the long-standing problem: thanks to its special characteristics and the use of special lamps that act in a nitrogen-rich environment, the surface structure can be reticulated to obtain a “zero gloss”, resistant surface, without any damage to the support.

The advantages include an ultra-matte (1.5-5 gloss without using mattifying agents) and “anti-fingerprint” surface, an increase in surface hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance, an extreme “softness” to the touch, a lower chance of yellowing over time, and the possibility of obtaining surfaces with a regular and uniform 3D effect.

The fields of application include furniture to kitchens, wooden floors, and also plastics, composite materials, metal, glass.



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