Dalso has innovations in automation

With over thirty years of experience, Dalso seeks specific solutions for continuous production growth with advanced technical and technological solutions. 

The woodworking and wood by-product sector offers continuously lower profits and, at the same time, forces companies to be increasingly more “creative” which does not only mean different products, but also the ability to innovatively manage new ideas, relations, aware that technology is not only steel and components, motors and wires, but the expression of the passions, skills and efforts of the people that conceive, design, build, market and use them.

At Ligna the complete line of conveyors, loaders and unloaders were on display with a robot equipped to manage the process. The part picked up by a large- sized robot that quickly loads it directly on a chain buffer.

From here, the part is selected and directly fed on an operating machine by a special feed system. At output, this processed part will be automatically unloaded and repositioned for subsequent operations directly by the same starting robot.

Dalso automation is a technique applied to many sectors, from window and door frames to panelling, from plywood to wood flooring to solid wood furnishings.

It is designed to meet different needs-from a small shop that processes a few thousand wooden profiles a month, to a large industry that processes the same quantity in just one hour, with maximum flexibility and full integration in a complex production line.



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