Barberán’s game-changing finishing technology

Barberán, the market leader in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery for surfaces finishing, introduced some of its latest developments for wood processing at Ligna.

TrueTexture, the latest development for texture generation, which synchronises images with a 3D effect creating panels with exceptional finishes, was undoubtedly the star of the show. This new treatment concept for panels allows the creation of haptic sensations and deepness effects over boards.

Once it is applied it can be covered with a matte or glossy finish. This new system supposes a game change in terms of versatility, both in digital printing and in varnishing. Among the many applications that it can have, flooring stands out; it is specially fitted for it as a result of the abrasion and shock high-resistance treatment.

For digital printing, a printer was showcased with 4/6 colours (CMYK+ light cyan and light magenta). With increased colour gamut and a better chromatic spectrum, it improves optical resolution, smoothens the tones, colour transitions and metamerism, and optimises ink costs.

Laminating machinery was also shown, including some of the new capabilities. An indexing line featuring a gluing machine, a new cut and trimming system for the four edges of the panel and an indexing table, or a Compact Line HG, a laminating machine for high-quality finishes that works with hot-melt glues and high-gloss foils, was showcased.

Another compact series module the Compact Line Foil, which applies glue directly onto the foil, allows edges post forming at the exit of the table.

The Inert Coat is the main bet for the varnishing department. This machine is based on the concept of a controlled atmosphere where products can be cured without particle intrusion and with the absence of oxygen, to achieve a perfect finish with the best quality in the market.

This high-performance installation includes a calender and a smoothing process (through the application and drying of a transparent foil) to create a surface with exceptional optical and mechanical properties.

Barberán displayed a bilateral wrapping machine that wraps both sides of profiles with rolled materials in a single step, simplifying the processes. Formed by two stations of Unwinder+ slot nozzle, it improves productivity and hand-in times.

It is ready for ‘Industry 4.0’ technology and has two cameras for the control of the production result, RFID codification and smart glasses, which allow the communication with the client’s technical team.



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