Much upgraded table saws from Altendorf

Altendorf is the world market leader for sliding table saws. Today, it annually produces 2,400 sliding table saws for the wood, metal and plastics industry.

With an R&D that is constantly looking at improvements, the company is able to constantly come up with innovations. At Ligna it showcased some of these new technologies.

When it comes to machine maintenance, the Group intends to create a closer connection to its customers. With remote maintenance, it can provide immediate support for newer machines in the Altendorf Group product line-up.

For Altendorf, this involves F45 EvoDrive or ElmoDrive type machines produced during or after mid -2015 with a corresponding software update and a network cable upgrade. With the help of software, the support team can gain direct access to the user’s machine and check the control system, eliminate sources of errors and adjust settings. This support is designed to further reduce downtimes in future.

Preventing accidents from happening in the first place is the main focus. The company has come up with an accident-avoidance idea that is designed to eliminate the flaws of past safety systems. The Altendorf safety assistant draws technologically on hand recognition with the help of a 3D camera to prevent false activations and accidents.

Additional support

Palin, used in combination with the crosscut fence, allows you to cut parallel and conical work pieces on the sliding table.

By butting against the side of the work piece, differing lengths can be cut quickly and precisely without having to move the Palin. The system has now been enhanced with a new feature: by folding the measuring system away, it also serves as an additional work piece support.

Parallelogram cross slides (PQS) – allows positioning without change.

The fence rule arranged in the centre allows the work piece to be positioned at the front and the rear. The two adjustable supports ensure secure support. Also for motorised flip stops (PQS UNO Flex): The narrow design with centre-arranged fence rule means the material can be positioned at the front and the rear without having to change the rule.

With no more than 17 kg, all Duplex models now have improved handling.

The fences enable bevel cuts at any angle between 0 and 90° very quickly, precisely and variably. Set it to 45° and a mitre cut can be made on both sides of the work piece without further adjustments.

Dimensions of the flip stops are set using a measuring scale and magnifier. All fences can be positioned anywhere along the entire length of the table.

The manual clamp is the alternative to a pneumatic solution.

The manual clamp can be positioned on the sliding table and is equally easy to fix into position.

Pneumatic hold-down bars – an ideal solution for securely retaining work pieces of up to 80 mm thickness and particularly useful for work with long and thin materials such as veneers – can now be controlled separately at the rear and front position.

The edge-banding machines made by Hebrock now share the look of the Altendorf products.

The machine design of Altendorf sliding table saws will be integrated into the edge-banding machines made by Hebrock. The machine design is not just limited to appearance it can also be clearly seen in the machines’ control systems.

Tilted position in-feed fence: Thanks to the extremely stiff construction style, even higher quality results can be produced.

Fluid level monitoring of the glue pot: This new improvement prevents unseen draining of the glue pot. The user will be notified if the fluid level falls below the minimum amount.

LED machine illumination: The view of the process area improves process control thanks to energy-saving LED illumination.

Multi-radius profile scraper: Two different radii (R1/R2) on the machine shorten setup time.

With the barcode scanner built into the control unit, processes can be improved in all machines and incorrect entries prevented.



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