Wood for Wood

A CNC machine made of wood did we say? Yes, and built by a carpenter for joinery professionals on an industrial scale too! Its inventor, Mr Burkhard Bessler, built one for his own business 3 years ago, and has sold more than 70 of these machines so far.

The Holzfraese CNC machine consists of phenol resin-coated plywood panels from Koskisen and can be completely dismantled. Polymer concrete in the under-frame provides the necessary mass. It works with the so-called single-cutter principle, which not only allows furniture to be built, but also all conceivable and unthinkable products made from panel materials.

On display at Ligna, the machine itself requires neither a large suction nor a new compressor. It takes up very little space during operation. Its software consists of the control ‘Beamicon2’, the CAM program ‘Estlcam’ and the CAD ‘Rhino 5’.

Holzfraese requires minimal setup time, offers a good price-performance ratio, produces few emissions, and is maintenance-free, the company claims. It is ideal for woodworking operations specialising in small-series production, engraving, and any other application requiring a high degree of customisation and precision.

During the nesting process, the wood chisel works on the principle of back-spans: the chips remaining in the kerf ensure the secure hold of all nested elements. Optionally, a vacuum table with vacuum pads can be inserted in the machine bed.

The machine is available in two Versions. ‘Kompakt’ has a total of five models with travels (x/y) from 1000x500 mm up to 1800x900 mm, with a Z-stroke of 190 mm. ‘Speed’ offers travels of 2000x1000 to 3000x2100 mm with a travel speed of 50 metres per minute in four models.

Holzfraese says its router is an automated solution that requires no marker pencils, rulers or T-squares. It can also handle a variety of clamping systems. The machines are sold by the regional specialist dealers of the Gewema Group (www.gewema.de).



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