Hettich showcases award-winning solutions

The ComfortSpin turntable (left) and ViZard flap fitting (right) collected Interzum awards for innovation and high product quality.

Stark changes in both life and home living have been brought about by megatrends. Hettich, the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture fittings, with its forward-looking outlook, presented, under the Fascin(action) banner, exciting product solutions at this year’s Interzum.

These solutions meet various versatile demands ranging from smaller living spaces needs, new living concepts and work models to the growing demand of customizable furniture. Every conceivable need of furniture buyers in terms of feel style, enjoy comfort, and win storage was covered effectively.

Hettich, whose products combine intelligent technology, functionality and design, was awarded two top prizes for ComfortSpin and ViZard by Ambigence at Interzum.

The innovative ViZard by Ambigence flap fitting collected the ‘Best of the Best’ award and the innovative ComfortSpin turntable won the ‘High Product Quality’ award.

The ComfortSpin turntable, a multiple award winner, rotates food items and cabinet contents through 360 degrees, making them easy to reach.



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