Continental wins four Interzum awards

At Interzum, the technology company Continental presented surfaces for the furniture industry that included several innovations, concepts and stimuli for designing the living spaces of tomorrow. In addition to new surfaces, two areas of focus were its surface-specific requirements of interest to architects, planners and designers.

The company highlighted digitalisation to show how its surfaces by means of AR and VR-based programs. At the centre of it was the new Skai Design Lab, a tool that reflects the trend toward individualization, which will revolutionise the process of design development by creating new designs with just a few clicks.

Four Continental surfaces received the Interzum award for intelligent material and design. These were the upholstery materials, Skai Pureto EN, and laif VyP Nappa, the furniture films Skai Colore Metalspin and Skai Colore structure Ultra.

Skai Pureto EN is an alternative to conventional, synthetic upholstery materials, because it is PVC-free. The material is manufactured from a water-based, but very robust polyurethane system, which is solvent-free and, therefore, sustainable. Its soft and pleasant feel gives it a high level of comfort. The surface is embellished with a classical, fine calf leather grain. The colour range includes modern trendy colors in subdued pastel tones. 

Laif VyP Nappa is the next generation of breathable upholstery materials. The hybrid of vinyl and polyurethane combines the surface softness with durability. The raw materials contain no conventional solvents and are based on high-quality, water-based polyurethane systems/finishes that is air and water vapor permeable. The material is tear-resistant, highly resistant to abrasion, and easy to clean.



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