Cleaf showcases C-House at Interzum

Cleaf, an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries, showcased C-House, to highlight the research that has been done on its innovative surfaces and their applications.

The stand highlighted 12 textures on the backlit walls to emphasise the multiple applications, and four bi-facial displays with possible combinations. On display was also a collection of faced panels, laminates and ABS edges to coat furniture and interiors shown on vertical and horizontal planes or curved support.

What is striking in Poro Noce is the texture that reproduces the wood of carbonised trees of walnut, a tree considered a symbol of fertility, whose presence of is found in the excavations of Pompei. The pores are spread in a diffused way and are easily recognizable to the naked eye. It’s available as faced panel and ABS edge.

Also on show was Mosaico, which won the Interzum award for intelligent material and design 2019. The texture is a composition of square tiles whose irregular appearance is given by different levels of depth and width.

Faced panels, laminates and edges exclusively manufactured at production sites in Brianza are installed worldwide. Cleaf is represented in India by the Mumbai-based Aryamman Interior Solutions.



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