Automated saw guide pumps up productivity

Panels of up to 1.3 tonnes can be deposited in the saw guide unit with assistance of a control panel that acts as the communication interface between the saw and the vacuum portal.

Alu-Point, a company based just south of Hannover (Germany), has successfully lowered its production time and achieved a considerable boost in productivity, thanks to an automated saw guide from EuroTech Vertriebs GmbH.

Besides mechanical engineering, tool manufacture and mould construction, Alu-Point serves automotive and aerospace suppliers, the furniture and wood industry, automation and packaging machines sector, and producers of measurement and medical technologies.


Alu-Point uses state-of-the-art saws to cut its materials with extremely narrow tolerances to meet its clients’ needs precisely. The company recently found itself in need of a provider who could supply an individual solution to automate its saw guide process and increase its overall production speed.

The new EuroTech system simplifies the loading process of the dividing saws by offering integrated handling and transport solutions in the field of vacuum technology.

EuroTech develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. Its product portfolio includes vacuum components, vacuum lifting devices, vacuum suction boxes, vacuum robot equipment and testing devices.

Automation advantages

Automating the loading and unloading of machining lines bring many advantages: they protect the health of their operators and ensure high quality and efficiency. Alu-Point asked for a solution that would automate the loading of its two Schelling single-axis saws.

The new system would need to be able to handle the company’s extensive product portfolio with a single machine. It would also have to be able to handle a wide variety of panels weighing up to 1.3 tonnes without any difficulty with the various formats.

The panels would have to be transported securely over a distance of more than 20 metres and the controls of the loading system should be uncomplicated.

EuroTech’s result is a loading system that can control three positions within the sawing area from the output area. The 22-metre portal runs along the back of the saw, loading it with panels made from a wide range of materials from the rear end.

The saw uses the profibus system to request the material, while the computerised portal monitors all requirements. A high-powered vacuum unit controls the mechanical intake system, which prevents surface damage to the panels.

An integrated separating unit ensures smooth operations and increases production security. Alu-Point Managing Director Thorsten Otte emphasised: “Our collaboration produced good results very quickly. Our employees and I are very pleased with the outcome.“



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