Canadian Wood hosts educational seminars in five cities

Furniture manufacturers and interior designers in Kozhikode and Hyderabad examine products manufactured using various species of Canadian wood.

A series of educational seminars were conducted by Forestry Innovation Consulting (FII) India under the brand ‘Canadian Wood’ to educate potential customers of wood species from British Columbia (B.C.) about the benefits of working with wood.

Conducted from 2 April to 6 June 2019 in Chennai, Kozhikode, Pune, Hyderabad and Nashik, the seminars drew more than 250 by-invite-only attendees. This comprised of architects, interior designers, solid wood manufacturers, real estate developers, builders and timber merchants.

Mr Peter Bradfield, Technical Advisor, Canadian Wood, took the participants through usage of B.C. wood species, their versatility, aesthetics and environment-friendly credentials.

The 2-hour programme at each venue helped users understand the wood’s applications in interior, outdoors and structural applications.

B.C. is a world leader in sustainable forest management and wood from B.C. comes from PEFC- and FSC-certified forests, assuring customers of its legal, sustainable source.

Attendees saw examples of how the wood was being used in India across furniture, doors, door frames, decking and gazebos. The wide array of products and projects in hospitality, education and housing left an indelible impression.

The key takeaway from the seminar was the use of different species – such as Western hemlock, Douglas fir, SPF and Western red cedar – and their different grades.

Potential customers also have an option to choose a grade that best suits their requirements and budgets. (



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