Aristo India adds state-of-the-art lacquering facility

At Bengaluru-based Kbros Aristo, lacquering is not just a process of coating gloss or matt finishes on surfaces. The company explores the design possibilities with a range of clear or coloured finishes that not only give life to the material but also adds aesthetic value.

Aristo can instantly generate 300 colours in any finish, whether suitable to apply on glass or on panels.

What is lacquering? Why do you call it an art?

It’s simply the process of coating with UV, water or PU based on materials to create different types of finishes like high gloss, matte, super-matte, open grain or patina. Our UV coat is approved for European and American standard cabinetry finishing.

This is an art as it’s been the journey of working together with experts to combine the latest innovative technology of world-class companies for sanding, application and chemical coatings to bring life and beauty to our products.

How was your journey with lacquering so far?

Over the past 15 years, we have invested a lot of money and effort in R&D. This facility is a result of that. Today our lacquering capabilities give us a commendable lead over our competition and also help us create unique design possibilities.

For larger volumes in glass, our automated roller coating machine cures the glass with infra-red. The full line consists of a glass washing and drying machine followed by the rollers coating machine and an inline IR curing and cooling down units, to complete the process in a matter of minutes.

Our fully automated robotic Italian Cefla lacquering line is used for bulk production to provide a premium, consistent finish. The inline Giardina coating line is used for bulk production of coated glass with quality consistency.

We have also extensively researched and developed colours. Experimentation and development is an everyday activity at Kbros Aristo.

How does this facility change the brand perception?

We are considered one of the best companies for coated furniture products in India.

What kind of business do you see with lacquering?

We follow European standards at our lacquering facility and we use carcinogen-free paints that are applicator friendly. Our well-trained lacquering team, paired with advanced and automated technology, gives us the edge for quality, on-time delivery and premium finishes.

This has helped us explore the export market and larger volume products. Our production capability with this facility helps us deliver over 25,000 panels every month.

For our own brands, Aristo and Decopad, this gives us the window to explore new design possibilities and also helps on-time delivery across the country.

What is your USP?

We are the only player in India who has pigmented UV coating capabilities and can instantly generate 300 colours in any finish and suitable to apply on glass or panels.

We have multi-city application centres for quick product availability. For bulk production we have facilities to generate fully dry panels or glass within 10 minutes of the start of the line.

How would you compare your finishes with European players making similar products?

Our quality control department works with US standards, with very tight rejection parameters. For that we use equipment like photo-spectrometers, glossy meters, pencil hardness tests, etc.

After having worked with very tough customers we are now confident to supply to any market in the world. In fact, we get requests from Indo- European coating suppliers to conduct their R&D using our machines and processes!




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