Schelling’s gantry router is vastly flexible

The Bima Px80 from König & Neurath shows the possibility of integrating adapter units with integrated data chips in the new IoT and service platform, Zimba.

The customised Bima Px80 gantry routing machine from IMA Schelling is used for the fabrication of desk panels and other components combines all technically feasible drilling, routing and edge processing operations in one machining centre.

Hence, it reduces the complexity of manufacturing to a minimum and simultaneously offers maximum flexibility for custom productions and product novelties.

Its special features include a 6-axes robot, the load pick-up device of the robot with integrated part orientation recognition (“vision technology”) and a high-power laser unit for producing a perfectly seamless joint.

By using a fixed-gantry CNC machine of the Bima Px80 type, the furniture office manufacturer, König & Neurath, replaces miscellaneous pre-fabrication processes, some of which are very complex.

The machine is suitable for vertical and horizontal through-milling, as well as for automatic edge banding and fine finishing. It is also capable of performing drilling and grooving operations, each both vertical and horizontal.

On the gantry machine, equipped with two alternating work tables (automatic setup table), each fitted with four consoles (support bars), mainly desk panels will be processed.

The work cell has two 12-reel vertical magazines and is designed for an average production rate of 530 finished parts per day – with order peaks of 690 parts per day.

The Bima Px80 at König & Neurath has been prepared for integration in Zimba, the new IoT and service platform of the IMA Schelling Group, and is equipped with two special adapter units: an IMA 90° saw integrated in the machine control system and an Atemag Duo unit for Clamex P biscuit-shaped connectors enabling furniture assembly without dowels.

Both units use data chips. These chips are used to record technical data that allows, amongst other things, performance optimisation, wear inspection and remote maintenance, as well as the monitoring of service intervals.

In addition to this, the integrated data chips allow this data to be transmitted to the Zimba IoT platform and to be evaluated via the platform.

The 6-axes robot performs multiple component handling tasks: calibrating the parts, feeding, turning over and stacking the parts and base boards. The robot takes the finished parts out of the cell and makes them available for quality control by the checkpoint operator.

The IMA Schelling Group is a reliable provider of solutions for sophisticated and innovative wood processing plants and a leading supplier of batch-size-1 work cells for a digital, fully automated networked production.



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