State-of-the-art panel handling

Eurotech, a leading handling and transport solutions provider in the field of vacuum tube lifters, has come out with two new versions of the eT-Lift tube lifter for quickly, easily and flexibly lifting, stacking or moving wood panels.

The versatile lifting and positioning devices can be used for almost any application. They are easy to handle and equipped with an ergonomic one-hand control system.

Thanks to their quick-swap system, changing tools takes only a few easy steps. The graded carrying capacities range from 20 kg up to 250 kg in two varieties, a pneumatic 90° turner and a manual 180° turner.

The eT-Hover-univac line has a two-circuit system and four suction plates arranged in line – hence the name.

It is suitable for lifting and moving large-surface loads made of glass, wood, metal, stone or plastic. In vertical mode, the lifting device can lift loads with a weight of up to 360 kg; in horizontal mode, up to 500 kg. It is suitable for all applications that involve lifting and moving narrow loads.

These loads can have dimensions of up to 2,500x1,000 mm. Multiple security and warning systems designed as per DIN EN 13155 prevent operation errors and hazards.

The portable, electric vacuum hand-held grabber, ‘Nemo’, is another promising product in Eurotech’s portfolio. The handheld device can attach itself to virtually any surface and achieves a holding force of up to 170 kg, allowing it to move and securely place down any material.

An integrated vacuum meter with red/green area is used for monitoring. The vacuum pump installed in the handle generates the necessary vacuum. Once the vacuum is established, the pump turns off. If the vacuum in the suction device drops, the pump automatically switches on again.

The ‘Nemo’ handheld grabber is a pioneering system for lifting and transporting flat items. It can lift virtually any surface, from smooth to structured. The device is the perfect addition to the tool kit for a wide range of professionals, from warehouse staff and construction professionals to service and garage employees.

The modular construction system ensures that the components can be flexibly adjusted to meet customer requirements and spare parts can be installed in a quick and cost-saving manner.



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