Ready-2-spray paint robot from Dürr

The German manufacturer, Dürr, is offering a pre-installed, ready-to-paint robot as a professional solution for automated paint applications. This enables fully reproducible coating layer thicknesses in the µ range that are absolutely essential in the development of chrome-effect paint systems.

The chrome-effect paint that can be used, amongst others, for vehicle interiors and is a new product that gives components made from plastic – such as window lift switches or decorative trims on the steering wheel – a deceptively realistic chrome look.

This effect is achieved using paint systems consisting of one, two or three coating layers. Without using a robot, it is not possible to develop these new paint systems as a chrome-free alternative for shiny, silver-coloured surfaces.

The challenge is to apply the coating layers of the chrome-effect paint very evenly. And the three-layer paint system in particular needs very thin, reproducible coating layers of 2 to 3 µm.

The automated painting solution from Dürr consists of the compact six-axes robot, EcoRP 10 R1100, with state-of-the-art application technology including mixing and dosing technology for two-component paints (2C), paint supply systems, and controller.

The robot system’s automated spray program eliminates any deviations, and thus delivers maximum reproducibility. This starts with dosing the components in the exact same ratio every time.

Mixing the tiny quantities of just a few mg by hand poses too great a risk of inaccuracies. The painting result is also influenced by the application speed and the distance from the object to be painted. The robot works completely uniformly and, as a result, also produce identical coating layer thicknesses.

Normally only sample panels and speed shapes are painted in the paint manufacturers’ labs. However, the decision to opt for the six-axes robot gives paint manufacturers the flexibility to respond to customer requirements and the robot lets them paint 3D objects with complex geometries without the limitations of a 2D spray system.

Since the application technology is already pre-installed, the Dürr robot system can be set up, installed and ready to paint within just a day. Its compact dimensions enabled it to be integrated into the existing painting booth despite the space constraints.



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