Alder wood among the best

The primary hardwood of Western North America, Alder grows in abundance within the southern British Columbia to Northern California region. It is a relatively small tree that only reaches about 100 feet in height at its 40-60 year maturity, with a trunk diameter of less than 2 feet.

But don’t let Alder’s small size fool you. What it lacks in size, it makes up in usability, workability and beauty. Northwest Hardwoods has been an industry pioneer in recognising and utilizing this viable and valuable hardwood species as a prime lumber source.

Decades ago, Northwest Hardwoods pioneered the use of Alder as a viable and sustainable species for commercial use. Today, Alder’s popularity continues to grow and offers a host of benefits, most important of which is the species’ versatility and workability.

Alder is very easy to work with using both hand and machine tools. It sands easily and has excellent turning, gluing, staining and finishing properties. Natural consistency and beautiful colour can give it the visual appeal of cherry, maple or birch at a competitive price.

Alder dries to an even honey tone with little colour variation between the heartwood and sapwood, making it also ideal for light or natural finishes. Alder is available in a host of proprietary grades that allows the product to align closely with the customer’s application to maximise yield and minimise waste.

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