‘Super-wood’ from Uruguay now in India

Vanpro is a leading marketing and a trading company based out of Delhi, marketing timber from some of the most prestigious mills in the forestry sector. It works closely with the end users and suppliers to maximise value for all the stakeholders.

Vanpro is committed to sustainable forestry and promotion of solid wood in different applications. One such hardwood, which is also considered as a “super-wood” is the Red Grandis from Urufor in Uruguay.

Urufor owns 40,000 hectares of plantation forest, assuring consistent supply of excellent quality FSC-certified hardwood. The high quality, graded and kiln-dried timber is exported from Uruguay to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Unlike its 600 other species grown worldwide, Red Grandis is harvested by Urufor after every 20 years, thereby producing quality grades similar to North America oak and walnut.

Eucalyptus Grandis is known for its tough, unbending quality, and difficult drying process. The timber has changed the manufacturing dynamics of furniture making in China.

The colour can vary to almost white to light pink or dark red. The sapwood does not vary significantly from the heartwood, and this should be taken into account when processing it. The grain may be interlocked, but plantation stock is generally more straight grained, and the texture is fine.

India is at the critical learning curve, where manufacturers want to align themselves with timber which has a consistent availability, quality and grading and pricing.

With its beautiful grains, consistent texture, colour and perfect density, Uruguayan Eucalyptus Grandis is an ideal material for furniture. To increase its utility ratio, different materials are used: premium material for the essential parts such as counter tops; material with knots are used as finger-jointed lumber for the back or base plates.

The timber is available in thickness of 25.4mm, 31.8mm, 38.1mm and 50.8mm; has a width of 152mm and length of 2.5-4.9 metres.

Vanpro also markets and sells teak, hardwoods, pine and MDF. It can provide the manufacturers with:

•         Ready-to-use components for furniture and door manufacturing

•         1-inch kiln-dried and 2.5”x3” components for furniture legs

•         Pine for door stiles and frames

•         Teak and hardwoods for doors, window panels and frames.




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