iFurn embraces all CAD systems

iFurn is an online tool for the day-to-day work of the designer in the field of furniture production and interior design. Its supplier portal, which until now, has largely supplied construction systems based on Imos technology with supplier data, has expanded its range of services and, in future, all current CAD systems will be supported by digital fittings.

With the integration of a powerful 3D kernel into the iFurn online platform, the hardware data can be imported and reprocessed in more than 30 CAD systems. The data has thus become virtually system-independent, which multiplies the number of potential iFurn users.

Manufacturers or sales organizations of fittings can use this extended service to make their 3D product data directly accessible to as many furniture designers in industry and trade as possible - without consideration of the used CAD program.

The fitting is selected via the iFurn DataBroker catalogue interface and placed in a shopping basket. Numerous filter functions simplify the search for the correct fitting and make it easy to find the right accessories.

The user then selects the desired 3D formats and starts the conversion process. After a short time, the user receives the selected fittings in the required format.

In the past, the iFurn Service has been largely used by furniture designers. Now the fitting data can also be applied otherwise: In the sales solutions of imos iX 2019, the fitting can be presented not only in design and construction but also in its function.

All constructively movable furniture components such as doors, flaps, drawers, etc., can be opened and closed with a click. The viewer can then see the inside of the furniture as well as the kinematics of the components in animated form. This is either simply connected to the component or follows the real movement model of the used fittings.



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