A new ‘switch’ in home design

Keeping the aesthetics of house interiors in mind the Mumbai-based NCC Telecom has come up with the Infinity switch, finished in various materials that blend seamlessly with the look of the home.

The switches are finished in stone, wood, canvas and concrete, and the entire surface is touch-sensitive. They look a part of a wall or a panel and help create a clean, sleek interior.

The Infinity collection of switches rewrites the rules of design and is crafted using high-end materials. These switches are innovatively designed to enhance user experience and design and as it is touch sensitive, it creates a seamless user experience.

Infinity series range of switches includes Touch, Infinity Earth, that have feature-sets like remote & smart device control,  haptic touch feedback,  retrofit,  proximity sensing. They are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Homekit.

The switches are manufactured using indigenous technology and there is no dependency on spares/services/ imports on any MNC.

Some of the other features include  browser-based graphical control software,  operating system independent/ web-enabled,  hybrid lighting module hardware,  Integrated security system & SIP video door phone,  no limit on the number of user interface/ user accounts,  multiple control interfaces – from conventional switches to smartphone/ tablet, and an online support ticket tracking & FAQ knowledge base. (email: [email protected])



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