Format-4 edge banders provide unbelievable finish

Time, which is the most important resource in a modern workshop, is the focus of Felder’s Tempora machine concept. To achieve this, the models combine the core skills of speed, productivity, flexibility and ease of use to ensure that processing edges are done as efficiently as possible.

The finishing, when processing both coiled and strip material, results in standards that meet the demands of the complete process of edge banding.

Salient Features

•         Zero-joint technology with patented zero-line aggregate.

•         Smartouch control unit with m-motion or x-motion PLUS control.

•         Edge thicknesses up to 6 mm.

•         Workpiece height 8 - 60 mm.

•         Feed speed up to 18 m/min.

•         Outstanding final results due to joint, corner rounding and finishing aggregate.

•         Customised easy-clean for efficient glue pot cleaning, if required.

Modern and optimised edge processing aggregates and a flexible machine body guarantee absolute stability and reliability even at the highest of processing speeds. The machine can be equipped with a single or dual motor corner rounding unit and there are three free spaces for a choice of finishing units.

The patented zero-line aggregate from Format-4 enables the optical zero joint when processing co-extruded edge and laser edge material.

The aggregate is controlled by the work piece and can be activated and deactivated directly from the control unit. Zero-line offers the homogenised optic finish of the work piece with the panel and edge material, in particular with high gloss material. An edge material suited exactly to the material ensures a zero-joint line and as no time-consuming glue change of various colours is required, you profit from considerably reduced changeover times.

The user-friendly control options “m-motion” and “x-motion plus” ensure absolute repetition accuracy and individually configurable operating programs enable quick manual change of the aggregates as well as control via the smart-touch control panel.

Unique control

The smart-touch control unit with network connection reduces the manual settings and enables a quick, easy and intuitive selection and control of the aggregate as well as the complete monitoring of all machine functions from the screen. Features include:

•         Easy, self-explanatory representation of the units and their functions.

•         Selection of the aggregate and exact fine adjustment of the motor positionable aggregates (accuracy of up to 1/100 mm) all from the main control panel.

•         Glue temperature setting and automatic temperature reduction of the glue whilst in standby mode.

•         Unlimited data memory for user-defined edge banding programs.

•         Maintenance plan, odometer for total meters of material used.

•         Available in 10,4” and 16” screen size.



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