Blum offers top-quality fixing solutions for furniture

With the rising trend minimalistic furniture, customers seek to implement open living spaces in home interiors. To meet this requirement, Häfele, in partnership with Blum, offers Expando T, a single fixing system, which enables wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs to have extremely thin fronts.

The fronts can be as thin as 8 mm and can be made up of any material, such as Dekton, chipboard, HPL or ceramics. This latest innovation enables customers to implement their own design ideas that, with bespoke solutions using fittings from the new range, stand out even more.

To fix these fittings, you need to drill holes of 10 mm in diameter and just 6 mm in depth as per requirement, insert the fittings in them and tighten the screws that are already pre-drilled on the fittings. As you tighten the screws, the steel teeth bite into the material of hard fronts and the nylon components ensure firm anchorage in the soft panels. Boss drilling is hence not required for hinges from the Expando T Range. 

Further, Blumotion technology integrated within the hinge offers the advantage of a soft closing. The standard mounting plates can be used in existing fixing positions with the hinges and no changes need be made for the installation of cabinets.



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